Report from the underside of the rock

I was listening to NPR over the weekend, while Kevin and I drove to and from the little patch of nature I described yesterday, and learned that Nestle is pumping water out of streams in Michigan, effectively pumping them dry, and making money off of it. There’s a lawsuit in process. 

I honestly thought bottled water came from… I dunno where I thought it came from. I never thought about it. Things are so much simpler when living under a rock. Though I’m sure a corporation will be along momentarily to sell my rock for its mineral content.

2 thoughts on “Report from the underside of the rock

  1. This is why I don’t really drink bottled water. It’s always seemed unneccessary to me, considering it’s safe to eat food off of dishes washes in the water and your hands are considered clean after washing them in the water.

  2. I’m astonished on a regular basis by the insanity perpetuated by humans against nature and each other. And I’m developing a new affinity for tap water 🙂

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