About those objects

I ran across this post at Almostfearless.com: Ten Unexpected Costs of Owning Things. Kevin’s bike was stolen last night and for a few hours, (though this was not my bike) I fell into a vortex of worry and anxiety over an expensive object gone missing. Kevin found it later in the day by walking around our neighborhood. It was locked up outside a homeless shelter a few blocks away. He called the police to say hey, the bike I reported stolen is here. And the cops cut it free for him. Kevin loves his bike like hell because he rides it everywhere with passion and heart. But any other expensive item, or any other item, in our lives could disappear in a moment, things can pinball out of our lives  –zing, slam,  whirr — at any time. And then back in. After a scare like that, I am interested in owning even fewer things to lose and fret over.

One thought on “About those objects

  1. I’m so glad he found it! Now, does he have a schmancy U-lock? I don’t have one and BGN lectures me about it all the time. Safety first!

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