For the past few years, I’ve lived in a very local way. I walk to work. My doctor is around the corner. My coffee shop of choice is a few blocks the other way. Friends live within a 20-minute walk radius. I’ve been thinking of swinging in the other direction. Not immediately. But within the next few years. Lately I’ve been feeling very out of sorts, really busy, really reactive to the perceived urgency of every situation, of others’ strong emotions, of deadlines and dictums, the telephone and inbox.

Some inspiration for unplugging: Misty Tosh’s chronicles of vintage trailer and sailboat journeys, making indie films and starting her own NGO. A 9-5 couple heads to Europe to write and travel.

Dean: My friend Dean is on a Second City cruise that’s taking him all over the world.

Janelle: The beautiful and wise Janelle takes Taiwan by storm and teaches the children. 

Matador: Travel site with ideas for the dreaming and the planning.

One thought on “Global

  1. The beautiful and wise Janelle highly recommends unplugging. Incredibly freeing. There are downsides to going abroad to teach though….like having to work and not get to travel all day long. I miss that.

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