Various moments of status

I don’t have Twitter. Furthermore, I don’t have a handheld advice device with which to Twitter when away from the computer. So here’s a backlog of status updates the old-fashioned way:

-Am standing in REI and completely confused by the bajillions of products that could probably take me to the Himalayas and back. I remember how my ninth grade global studies teacher used to say “Himalayas”.

-Am the proud owner of like $200 worth of lightweight airtight weatherproof elephant-repellant items. Plus a big floppy sun hat.

-Am in the Whole Foods remembering how rich people can afford to buy nicely stacked organic carrots.

-Am feeling a crazy panic rise in my chest over the thought of seven days in the wilderness.

-Am wondering why all the bathing suits at Target are string bikinis. Maybe a girl wants her top to stay on if she hits a wave.

-Am so hot. It’s so hot. Oh lord. This star we came from is melting any thought I have before it hits the pavement of my consciousness and if you could just turn it down a little, even a teensy bit, we could all get along.

-Am feeling the cold caffeine buzz of this Frappucino cycle through the heated coils of my existence. Am thinking too hard about all the floor cleaner that it’s perhaps made of.

-Am staring straight ahead wondering how the Buddhists do it and thinking of Janelle leaving for Taiwan, my sister wanting to study in Dublin, remembering how lost I got in Dublin, how I would love to get lost in Taiwan. Or Dublin. Or the woods.

-Am really hoping I don’t get lost in the woods. Though, you know, I’ll have a big floppy sun hat. Which is pretty cool.

5 thoughts on “Various moments of status

  1. My sister called me today to see if I could loan her money to buy a swimsuit online for the camp she’s going to be working at. Apparently it’s hard to find one piece or tankini suits at places like Target. *shrug*

  2. You’re going to have so much fun in the woods!

    Just don’t put your tent at the bottom of a hill – so if it rains you don’t get wet. And if you do put your tent ON a hill – make sure your head is uphill and not downhill so you don’t wake up with a headache from all the blood rushing to your skull :]


  3. Listen to Deanna about the tent on a hill thing. she and I failed to ever put our tent on level ground. and you will survive the wilderness. and had I known you needed gear, I would have opened my steamer trunk of gear to you and your Kevin. Have a blast and see you in August!

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