Into the Nature

Kevin and I are going camping at the end of July to North Manitou island. It’s off the coast of Michigan, and apparently you can just camp wherever you want as long as you don’t disturb the wild things. My basic requirement for a summer trip was that it needed to be as off the grid as possible.  (The grid, for me, meaning e-mail, electricity, whining, gas prices, Starbucks, deadlines, gushing over Sex and the City: The Movie.) It’s an hour and a half by ferry from the mainland, so I’m pretty sure it’s gridless. I’ve never been camping before either, so this is big news for me. Most concerning: I don’t know how to make any camping foods. And I like to eat. So leave me some recipes if you’re backpacking-savvy.

Other people have camped there and survived, I’m told by the interweb, which is reassuring.

8 thoughts on “Into the Nature

  1. good luck! And call me when you’re plugged back into the grid.

    Oh – and see if you can find some marshmallow peeps and roast them. SO GOOD! The melted sugar on the outside makes them DIVINE. Drink with boxed red wine to be classy :]

  2. the best camping food in my family is called “goulash” but it’s basically macaroni/beef/tomato “casserole” with whatever ingredients.

    macaroni (cooked obv), gr beef, canned tomatoes. maybe some cheese? throw in some beans for variety? maybe some onions or garlic. bring some random spices. just cook it in a big pot over the fire or the steno or whatever.

  3. 1. Don’t forget caffeine. Heavily steeped black tea requires less equip. than coffee and will keep the cranky headacheyness away.
    2. Oatmeal (those little packets) for breakfast. you can rinse and use the same bowl for dinner.
    3. Bagels or hard rolls with PB&J or avacado, lemon, salt packet and apple are easy and not messy – just take a sharp knife
    4. Tasty Bites are pre-packaged indian food dinners found at most supermarkets that you stick in a pot of boiling water to prepare. Just cut open the packet (see sharp knife above), pour into bowl.

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