lately, the good

the good: got a second job, take that you crazy government trying to make me all poor and shit, guess what I’ll work harder. vegetables are growing from the ground, maybe we’ll all live if we need war gardens again, especially if tomatoes can fight. people are getting married, see this love garbage works, you’re endeared by the cadence of their voice right before a joke, the way they look in snug t-shirts, their morning eye crust. david sedaris wrote a new book i don’t like, so let’s joyfully chalk up more imperfections to good writers. i washed a bunch of laundry, ate a bunch of bright fake orange sun chips, took the laundry out of the dryer and only streaked a few things with my bright fake orange fingertips. that is called good karma.

6 thoughts on “lately, the good

  1. the sun chips claimed to be real, from the package. but who knows what a “real” sun chip is. a piece of a star? that’d be cool to get out of a vending machine.

  2. I’d be scared if it was the orange that was fake. Fake colors are on my list of things I thought were impossible. Right underneath “being able to bite something with teeth made of jello.”

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