Dodging this catatonia

Some poems have stuck with me for years, remembered and forgotten, phrases popping into my consciousness at random times: I am sitting in the diner and the poem comes on the jukebox; I am walking down the street and the poem floats down from an open window. “The Patience Sutra” has stayed with me that way; I read it in high school and have never quite forgotten the feeling of possibility it gave me.

An excerpt:

Come on
Let’s steal a car
and drive to the mountains
Let’s do it right now

We’ll buy a bottle of wine
and sit on a railroad bridge
and sing songs to the moon
We’ll find a fuse
and we’ll set it on fire
Come on right now
Let’s go
Let’s go
Coffee cigarettes whiskey sex
Let’s eat everything that makes us crazy
Come on we’ve got to go
We can’t wait even a minute more
Tonight is the end of the world
So let’s dodge this catatonia
that sings us into dangerous sleep
We can sleep when we’re dead
We can diet
when famine rolls into town
Enough of this comfort and anesthesia
Enough of insurance
car payments
love money
Can’t you see the beautiful body
you’ve been assigned
Don’t you want to test it?
Run it like a race car?
Let’s go
Let’s go
Right now

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