Vibe Sponge

I can drink approximately half a small cup of coffee every five hours. More than that, and my heart starts to race, I become easily startled, and I imagine that my pupils dilate like I’m about to turn into Teen Wolf. I drank half a small cup of coffee on Saturday. And I was also helping out with auditions at The Neos, checking people in, taking their headshot/resume/writing sample packets, being that perky smiling face, etc. People showed up pale and tremble-y, with gritted-teeth smiles and meticulously bound samples of writing. Their nerves radiated like pure caffeine, and I spent the day feeling as though I’d just consumed four cups of coffee.

5 thoughts on “Vibe Sponge

  1. So your title made me wonder if you were doing freelance reviews of products for Early to Bed or something. Like this new vibrator that looks just like the contraceptive sponge. A vibrator that you can insert several hours before having sex…or something. Rating, C-, misses the point. Or rather the…okay, I’m done.

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