More St. Louis

-Morning… Sonic + City Museum. Learned: Sonic = still makes me swoon with its Cherry Limeades and tator tots. The City Museum = institutionalized dangerous fun. We crawled through steel mesh tubes suspended ten stories up, through dark caves seven stories down, slid down slides that ended in concrete floors (plus there were was the gallery of vintage opera posters, the enormous pipe organ, the turtle aquarium, the spatula and doorknob museum, the shoelace factory, etc.) Mental snapshots: Wiping out at the end of a steep slide and having a little kid ask, “Are you ok?” Slamming my body on skate park ramps and sliding down the smooth, curved wood. Looking down at my feet and realizing I was standing on a steel grid from five stories up. Feeling like Becky in Tom Sawyer exploring dark caves full of muffled echoes.

-Afternoon… The Arch + More Sonic. Learned: It feels peaceful to stand with my whole back against it so I feel like I’m part of a giant magnet. Mental snapshots: Looking up at the Arch from below and feeling so utterly tiny. Watching the Mississippi gently lap against the side of a river boat.  Watching Kevin roll down a huge, grassy hill. Pulling into the Sonic parking lot for our second fast food fixes of the day, having to remove the giant cups from our morning Cherry Limeades before we inserted the giant cups from our afternoon Cranberry Limeades.

-Evening… Sleep. Learned: Sleep feels good after a day of bruising oneself and eating Sonic. Mental snapshots: Whatever dreamscape rolled in waves through my sleepstate.

Here’s what I wrote in college, after my first trip to St. Louis.

4 thoughts on “More St. Louis

  1. I am so jealous of your Sonic fix! It KILLS me that they advertise here and the closest one is in Kentucky – where (by the way) I passed one but no one in the car believed me when I said I would give up a 5 star dinner reservation we were late for for just a SIP of a Cherry Limeaid. They passed it by and I watched it fade from view with missed opportunity dripping from my heart.

  2. I came across a few cans of Sunkist Cherry Limade at my dad and grandparents’ house and was inspired by you to try it. It was indeed delicious.

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