St. Louis

I’m in St. Louis with Kevin, visiting friends Jade and Joe, who moved here last year. Today:

-Morning…Brewery tour + zoo. Learned: Midwest = wide bottoms, much drinking and Dippin’ Dotting. Mental snapshots: Kevin shouting how we were having a great honeymoon, the Spekes gazzelles, the deep green and sun-soaked landscape, the intricately painted hippie bus in an empty parking lot, fresh soft pretzels.

-Evening…The University district + the movie Planet B-Boy. Learned: Hipsters = everywhere, breakdancing = coolest thing ever. Mental snapshots: a little girl hula-hooping to the beat of a drum circle in the square, while a boy her age watched from atop a statue. She asked what his name was. Bottomless mugs of root beer. The Tivoli theater’s cool old movie posters and gilt-edged charm. The awe-inspiring dancing from the winning Korean team in the documentary we saw.

Plus Jade and Joe are hosting us. Which means much lounging, eating, and all-around goodness.

Time for sleep.

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