On Tuesday morning, my dad drove me to the airport. Before we parted ways he gave me a Grapple. Apparently, this is an apple that somehow also tastes like a grape. He gave it to me like it was a really important object; they’re a dollar each! But he thought, you know, he should treat me.  I bit into it while waiting at the gate for my flight to take off. Turns out, these Grapples, they mess with your mind: This grape is so huge and crispy! This apple is so grapey!

 I could never get behind purple ketchup, due to the same issue. My synapses get all confused.

2 thoughts on “Grapple

  1. I can’t tell if this is an endorsement or condemnation of said grapple, but this frankenstein fruit intrigues me enough to find one.

  2. You know, I was basically just confused by it. I urge you, and the public at large, to form your own opinion and report back 🙂

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