This is the day.

I spent the weekend with my sister Lisa and my mother, who both flew in from Buffalo to visit for a few days. Hanging out for too long with the origins of my DNA is a little hazardous to the health. To decompress after dropping them at the airport at 7am, I spent today with: pad thai; Live Free or Die Hard; Kevin; and my good friends, the pajamas. Now pale dusky sunlight slips over the bare branches outside my window. Everything’s quiet.

One thought on “This is the day.

  1. God – I love a the Die Hard movies! And Pad Thai. And Pjs. And my good friends.

    I also love Kevin…but not in the same way you do :]

    I did something similar last night after B-Lo time…grapefruit & tequila spritzer, girly movie, quilt-from-Beth and Easter chocolate.

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