This bean curd can play

Listen. Are you eating tofu? If you’re not… well… something might be a little wrong with you. Luckily it’s nothing so bad that it can’t be fixed with a little scramble action. This morning after physical therapy (which should actually be called “order Lindsay to exercise a bunch”) I decided that for one day I would attempt an adult, healthy breakfast. We had tofu in the fridge from the little Chinese grocery down the street, plus bag of frozen stir-fry veggies. To replicate the awesomeness that transpired, here’s the process: cut up the tofu into little 1/4 inch cubes, fry it up in some canola oil. While that’s frying, microwave the veggies. After the tofu gets a little brown, toss in the cooked veggies. Stir it all up for a few minutes and then add some soy sauce or a stir-fry sauce of some kind. And then, if you still don’t like tofu, something is truly, deeply wrong in your brain.

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