Chicago 10

Last night, Jeff and I saw a preview of Chicago 10, a movie that examines the riots of the ’68 Democratic convention through real footage spliced with an animated version of the subsequent trial involving the organizers of several anti-war groups.

The film: Stellar, beautifully animated, a soundtrack that rocks and makes you want to punch things. The absurdly comic mixed with the hopelessly tragic. Viscerally moving and affecting.

The panel discussion afterwards: Mired in nonsense college student intellectual-ese, whereby anyone asking a question had to clarify their affiliation for four sentences and pose one or two questions, in a pointed tone, that were not questions so much as convoluted semi-accusatory statements. 

See the movie. Avoid talking with self-righteous trustafarians afterwards.

One thought on “Chicago 10

  1. Oh – remember when we just wanted to be that college-crazy-reality-bites-group? Now they are ruining your discussions. That’s it – we are definitely on the cusp of officially being old!

    {Like how I kind-of committed to that idea, but not really?}

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