To your younger self

Becca and I once wrote a two-woman play that consisted almost entirely of letters to our younger selves. Therefore I have soft spot in my heart for this discussion thread on Gapers Block…. people’s advice to their fifteen year-old selves includes:

–Go to more raves, they wont be around for long

–Not every guy will leave you for your best friend. Just most of them.

–Forget about being a police officer. You sing better than you realize, and if you start now you might make something of it.

–u can get a fake id over on 26th & kedzie buddy. don’t let your redheaded friend use it tho, he looks nothing like you and he’ll get it taken.

–Getting enough sleep for the PSAT the next morning is NOT more important than taking the hottest chick in the school to your junior prom.

–Stop reading the Wheel of Time: Robert Jordan will die before he finishes it.

–Wax those eyebrows.

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