Texas Chainsaw Massacre Soup

So, I mentioned that I’ve become engrossed by 101 Cookbooks, plus Amanda cooks constantly — which is always inspirational, plus, well, the denizens of the Slanty Shanty need to eat. Actually the Slanty Shanty has been more like a Germ Dome lately, therefore I made soup. It’s the first soup I’ve ever made by doing something other than opening a can. It’s also a soup for the lazy, and so I present it to you, dear readers, who may or may not also be sick and lazy and unaccustomed to making your own soup.

Here goes: Saute two cloves of garlic and half a chopped onion with some olive oil, wait for it all to get a little brown and cooked-looking. While that’s frying, slice up some Tofurkey sausage, if you’re into that sort of thing, and fry that with the other stuff. Then add some swiss chard. This is basically just a leafy green. Kale or whatever will work too. But Trader Joe has tons of chard in his store right now. Then toss in three cans of broth (chicken or vegetable). Wait for that all to cook up nicely. Then pour in a quarter of a jar of spaghetti sauce (whatever you’ve got in the fridge). Next add some kind of frozen vegetable. I added frozen corn. Toss in a little salt and pepper, wait for everything to come to a boil, and serve it up.

When Kevin came home yesterday, he proclaimed that it looked like a massacre but tasted like heaven. So there you go.

2 thoughts on “Texas Chainsaw Massacre Soup

  1. Sounds fabulous! And timely – I’ve been looking for a new soup recipe – and this one is from a reliable source. Anyone who can think up mac&cheese/baked bean combo gets Ruth Reichl status in my book!

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