This is the life.

I’ve been reading 101 Cookbooks. And I’ve become a sucker for the photos with deep, rich colors, the idea that I really can spend every night cooking something fresh, healthy and organic. I am standing barefoot on a terracotta-tiled kitchen floor overlooking the coast of California with a scarf in my hair and a glass of white wine in my hand, waiting for friends to drop in around 7 for drinks and a dinner that will also clear their pores and enrich their souls.

I realize this is all fantasy. But tonight I made carmelized tofu with brussel sprouts anyways, listening to Bob Marley and drinking a glass of white wine. And it was delicious.

2 thoughts on “This is the life.

  1. Along with eggplant – brussel sprouts are the best veggies EVER. I think we eat them at least 4 time a month. You should try cutting them up really thin and putting them in pasta. DIVINE. In fact – I will include a recipe right here…because that’s how I roll.

    This is my fav brussel sprout recpie ever!

    Anyway – I love your California daydream. Count us in for two at your dinner party :]

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