Ok, so I did it.

This site has moved to Word Press. If anyone has a site with a custom template hosted on their own server, like I did at Blogger, here are the steps to transfer:

1) Create a blog at www.wordpress.org.

2) Turn your Blogger blog into a BlogSpot blog temporarily.

3) Go to the “import” section of your new Word Press blog and follow their simple directions.

(And before I did anything, I used Fetch to download my entire site in case of complete failure. What can I say. I’m paranoid.)

Once I figured out how to do it, the steps were relatively painless… Except that I had to watch a tiny scroll bar import posts one by one, all 1,248 of them, and I thought that perhaps the whole shebang would collapse in on itself and I would be punished for my desire to have a well-organized site that’s up to the standards of the year 2008. WordPress is also decidedly automated, not really my style, but it gives me time to fiddle with a custom template without having something temporary that looks too horrible. I sort of feel like my grandfather must feel about cars, how they used to be so simple, you could pop the hood and see all the moving pieces and change the alternator yourself. Now everything is so slick and glossy and run by robots. Well. It’s faster, anyways. And in the end, for now, a better place to be.

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