Went to Dave and Buster’s tonight. Saw three of my old students. Was already buzzed on a complex pink rum drink so of course, was psyched at first. Said hey, introduced Kevin, asked how they were. Cortez, Adrian, Taniqua: I remember where you sat, the way you cocked your head to say are-you-serious?, the bubbly curves of your handwriting, the way your homework looked like it’d been through the washing machine, how you passed around hand lotion every ten minutes, how you kept a comb in your hair all the time, how your uniform shirt was always inside-out, how you never had a pencil. None of you ever had a pencil.

On the el ride home, panic set in — I hadn’t done enough, I couldn’t remember their names at first, I was supposed to have a lesson ready for tomorrow. Back at home, writing this down, I am trying to re-grasp reality, that they are not my job anymore, even though they said the school is worse. Walk away, Ms. Muscato, walk away.

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  1. ahh… what happened? I’m so curious now and the link is not working.

    By the way, my spirits always get a little lighter when I see that yellow boombox lying around the house in random places. Childhood.

  2. I just pasted the text into the post. The links didn’t all transfer when I moved the site to Word Press. Also! You can search for “snow” in the search box on the top right-hand corner and see how many times I’ve written about it 🙂

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