Chicago 10

Last night, Jeff and I saw a preview of Chicago 10, a movie that examines the riots of the ’68 Democratic convention through real footage spliced with an animated version of the subsequent trial involving the organizers of several anti-war groups.

The film: Stellar, beautifully animated, a soundtrack that rocks and makes you want to punch things. The absurdly comic mixed with the hopelessly tragic. Viscerally moving and affecting.

The panel discussion afterwards: Mired in nonsense college student intellectual-ese, whereby anyone asking a question had to clarify their affiliation for four sentences and pose one or two questions, in a pointed tone, that were not questions so much as convoluted semi-accusatory statements. 

See the movie. Avoid talking with self-righteous trustafarians afterwards.

Auditory cloud

reconcile seize shared therapy consistent cranky muscle safe five dollars donations short eight-hour rule dogs believe haircut spreadsheet great inhuman wow cool

I multi-task all day long. People come in and out of the office all day long, each bringing a new conversation. Phone call. Phone call. Phone call. If you tell me something, and I don’t write it down, I just might forget. There’s a lot of background noise. So I use a lot of Post-Its.

To your younger self

Becca and I once wrote a two-woman play that consisted almost entirely of letters to our younger selves. Therefore I have soft spot in my heart for this discussion thread on Gapers Block…. people’s advice to their fifteen year-old selves includes:

–Go to more raves, they wont be around for long

–Not every guy will leave you for your best friend. Just most of them.

–Forget about being a police officer. You sing better than you realize, and if you start now you might make something of it.

–u can get a fake id over on 26th & kedzie buddy. don’t let your redheaded friend use it tho, he looks nothing like you and he’ll get it taken.

–Getting enough sleep for the PSAT the next morning is NOT more important than taking the hottest chick in the school to your junior prom.

–Stop reading the Wheel of Time: Robert Jordan will die before he finishes it.

–Wax those eyebrows.

Adding you back

I’m adding my list of links back to the right-hand side of this page. My method was simple. First, I thought about people with blogs. Then I added the name to the page. I didn’t check to see if the name was officially the title of the person’s blog. Some people have first and last names. Some people just have first names. Some people have nicknames. It’s all very arbitrary. If you are particular about the way you are listed, feel free to tell me. If you are not listed, well, hopefully I’ll remember you soon. No offense. I’m 27. The brain cells, these days they drop like mosquitos against a lamp.

Also, Word Press appears to have alphabetized them automatically. Either that, or I remember things in alphabetical order.

The beloved semicolon

A NYTimes article explains how the semicolon rose to prominence in the New York subway system. Also, this article includes a grammar correction at the bottom; a nice bonus for the grammar nerds.

I’m a big fan of the semicolon because it can be used for pretty much anything. Semicolons join two clauses in place of a conjunction, saving space and sounding more streamlined to the ear. They’re also handy when using non-traditional punctuation in fiction or poetry or less-than-uptight blog posts; they indicate a pause that’s larger than a comma but shorter than a period.

Look how many semicolons I just used. It’s sick. I’m not sure if I use them exactly correctly all the time; I don’t really care. I was once leaving my friend Emily’s apartment at 4am to go make out with a nice boy, but I wanted to let her know where I was headed. I wrote on a napkin in black Sharpie, and I remember the nice boy going, “You used a semicolon in a napkin note?”

Side note: I edited this post for punctuation about ten times. Future posts will be less uptight or else I won’t have time for things like eating and going to my job.