Here and sick

I stayed home from work today with the kind of cold where you sneeze every two minutes and it feels like damp white bread is stuffed between your ears and behind your eye sockets. This gave me a chance to sit on the couch and marvel at a few things:

1) The odd creativity created by the stillness of not having to be anywhere or do anything for anyone. I’d be a genius if I had a trust fund.

2) The way Kleenexes become twisty and crumply after just a few minutes held in a fist. What gives?

3) The fact that my dreams last night consisted soley of Venture Brothers characters invading my everyday life. Because I fell asleep watching Kevin’s DVD of season 2, no doubt.

I went to the Chinese medicine doctor, who said I had an attack of Wind-Cold. Which I can only imagine is true, given the 13 degree-weather outside. I’ve also read that wind is “change” and the cold is your “resistance to change” — a spiritual reason for illness. This intrigues me. I’m sure I’m mostly resistant to the change from blissful warm summer to the icy winterness, but… perhaps there’s more to it.

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