Show show show

This past weekend, I performed my one-person show about floundering as both a teacher and as an idealist, finding ground with a student and then losing it the next day when I was let go from the job. It’s the story I told at the 2nd Story Festival in April, but it was re-worked and re-tooled for a stage and a bigger timeslot. I worked with an amazing director and a hyper-smart sound designer. The venue was a converted storefront that the good people who organized Around the Coyote had to scramble to build at the last minute, thanks to the original venue shutting down for good. We all put a goodly amount of time into rehearsals, especially for such a short piece, and I was frustrated only by my own lack of acting chops. I kept feeling like there was some mental button to push that would make it all sparklingly perfect. But I remembered that I love to write, and I love the immediacy of connecting with an audience in real time and real space. Thanks to all who came out for the evening– seeing your faces made me feel truly supported.

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