The lunch line

My friend Matt is the least corporate person I know but is working a corporate job to finance his improv habit. He’s a temp-to-perm sort of functionary, and I’m not really sure what he does all day… other than record the voice message for the hotline where employees can find out what their cafeteria is serving for lunch. I call it every day. Because it’s amazing. (312) 884-3070.

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  1. Hey there. So i just discovered the phone number of your friend reading off the menu for the cafeteria and laughed so hard. In fact, enough of us were curious as to who was leaving these messages (in case you were wondering – a friend who lives in NYC told me to call the number) that we started a facebook group dedicated to Matt. Its called “Chicago’s Daily Lunch Selections”. Check it out and join. Also, try and get Matt to join (if he’s on there)

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