I don’t usually blog while drunk. Ok, so this is not the best idea. Lindsya, why are you blogging while drunk? But then the muse answers, whatever! And so the hippie muse wins. Essentially I am saying this: I’m moving to another apartment in Andersonville. I’m moving in with Kevin. And so. I am greatly happy and excited to start new chapters and new leafs and new loaves (fresh baked!) of life. It means packing and lugging boxes and ridiculous inconvenience. But I overlook this. Because I’ve never done this before, this live-with-your-love thing, and mayybe it will suck and maybe it will be beautiful but either way it’s a time to step back and breathe deep and take a moment to wonder at how people find each other (A) connect with each other (B) and then actually put up with eeach other long enough to see whether they make any kind of sense. (C).

(I haven’t been drunk in weeks! Somehow I forgot that my face gets numb. And I start hitting it to make sure it’s still numb. I blam ethis whole thing on Becca, who bestowed upon me a bottle o’ wine for picking her up from the airport. Becca. Good job.)

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