Waging peace

A group of about five kids, probably 5th or 6th graders, stood in the median of a busy street near my apartment yesterday, jumping around and waving pieces of poster board. I squinted to get a better look at them, thinking they were perhaps advertising a car wash. Instead the kids held signs that said things like “Honk for Peace” and “Save the Environment”. I wondered if they had heard about the 60s for the first time or something. But their committment to their generic slogans was palpable. As I crossed the street, a driver (ironically in an SUV) honked. They jumped and waved their signs with even more enthusiasm, rubber-band-leg kids with a cause. To two pixie girls in sundresses I said, “I like your sign,” and they both beamed back at me. I thought back to the environmental club that I founded in elementary school. I was really interested in saving the planet, too — so interested, in fact, that I organized a campaign to sell candy bars to raise money for an environmental organization. Unfortunately cases of candy bars sat in my basement for months, eventually eaten by my family, because I was too shy to actually sell them door-to-door.

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