Looking forward to…

Pigtails and headscarves; biking in stretchy skirts; Saturday morning farmer’s markets; beer on Kevin’s back porch; cheap tacos and sitting by the lake; long walks on velvety starry nights; driving with the windows down and the music up; running through sprinklers; rummage sales; bad movies; barbecues with lots of barbecue sauce; fountains in the parks; big shade trees; ladybugs; summer country songs; learning to make big jars of iced coffee concentrate; old women watering their lawns and smoking cigarettes at the same time; watching couples drift happily home from the wine bar down the street; little kids on Big Wheels; grape and cheese picnics on cool thick grass; making Kevin buy another pack of clove cigarettes that we can split; books with rambling sentences; helping Eliina wind skeins of yarn; watching Henry play on the dog beach; mixing Slurpee flavors; the sound of roller skates on the sidewalk; feeling like I could wait forever or go forever and be perfectly happy.

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