Objects I can see from my desk

A plastic brontasaurus. Three thoughtful postcards from a donor to the Neo-Futurists who lives in Pennsylvania. A styrofoam coffee cup from the Jewish deli down the street. A bottle of wine. A coil of rope. A stuffed dog. A desk fan. An electric heater. A clock with a paper Santa hat on top. A Def Leppard album (Pyromania). My coat. A headshot of Ryan Walters. A piece of paper with a pig drawn on it that reads in child’s handwriting, “Arella Vargas is Extremely Cool (not dorky) and unnaturally good at drawing pigs.” A pack of Oreos with six cookies left in it. Another electric heater. A dark room timer. Two dying viney plants. A tupperware container of tiny plastic salamanders. And 22 Post-It notes.

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