Our exit in Alabama

I was looking back through old journals today and found that, during a weeklong June road trip to Florida, my friend Matt had written some stuff in there during our car trip. And somehow he’d worked out a formula for converting all the exit numbers to “days”. I would like to be able to explain this better except there’ s just two columns on the page: one with a bunch of dates and one with a bunch of math problems. Anyways, he worked it out so that, “July 17 is our exit in Alabama.”

So, oddly enough, my computer’s iCal defaults to July 17th. Like, instead of the current day, it shows up as July 17 unless I click on the icon for the program. Did I somehow set this setting myself? And if so, did I also know that July 17 was our exit in Alabama? Will I meet my end on some July 17 in Alabama? Hopefully after I’ve lived a long hearty life and survived global warming and etc.? I suppose everything doesn’t have to be a prophecy.

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