SHOW up!

So, Inside Fighter is up at Around the Coyote, and the remaining shows are tonight and tomorrow. I’m feeling good about it… fun, supportive atmosphere, the whole thing rolled smoothly, basically like performing for your friends in someone’s living room. But with a bar. And some zinester-types. At our last rehearsal, my director Don let me hit him in the face repeatedly with a rubber chicken. That’s how you know you’re working with good people. All is else is going well, too. Dennis punches me with aplomb, Craig bravely recites miles of boxing statistics, the music of Rocky continues to keep us all aurally lubricated. Good things.

Eliina, Amanda and Becca showed up last night to cheer me on. I was again reminded of how amazing it is to have friends who witness the awkward growth pangs of my creativity with such unwavering support.

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