The play goes up this weekend. I was sore everywhere from rehearsal last week. Everywhere. The play involves a lot of punching. Me punching, castmember Dennis punching, me punching rubber chicken, Dennis punching me. All without much actual force. But enough so that every now and again, I think to myself that while I’m glad Dennis is so committed in his performance, if he were only lazier, it wouldn’t hurt so much.

The morning after a fight yer nothin’ but a large wound, know what I mean? Yer hair hurts, yer eyes hurt, I feel like calling a taxi to take me from the bed into the bathroom, know what I mean?

Sidenote #1: I am completely and irrationally proud that I just remembered that quote from Rocky. Sidenote #2: Anyone who sees this play will think, “Dude. She’s not actually hitting much of anything.”

Anyways, after the soreness departed, a nasty cough/cold combo descended. I blame castmember Craig, who was force-feeding me Oreos with his germy fingers. I am now healing from that thanks to the wonders of Chinese medicine from David at Lincoln Square Accupuncture. I recommend.

In other news, Eliina and I have a deal.

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