Is this my present?

At The Neos, we’re having a Secret Santa gift exchange (not to be confused with “Secret Schlomo” which is occurring where Boyfriend Jeff works at Jewish Children and Family Services). Anyways. The problem with the Neo office is that it’s already filled with random crap. For example: An orange balloon on the file cabinet. A piece of pink tulle behind the door. A Def Leppard album perched precariously atop a closet door frame. An empty cookie tin by the printer. A garbage bag full of wigs near the intern desk. So. On the first day of Secret Santa, I didn’t know if my present would blend in with all the other random crap lying around. I walked in with new eyes, and realized that if the Def Leppard album were my present, would I know? I took it down off the top of the closet door frame, took out the album itself, and found nothing.

Later, I found a piece of paper in my desk drawer marked “Neo-Futurist puzzle”. It was blank and paperclipped to it was a mailing label with a portion of an image on it. But it was signed “Love, Dean”. So I e-mailed Dean with the subject line “SANTA EMERGENCY” and asked if he’d put it in my desk drawer. No, he had not. I will keep my loyal readers posted.

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