My Italian grandmother

When I arrived, one of the first things she said was, “Siddown, I make you eat.” So for posterity, the menu is below:

1) Green bean and artichoke casserole
2) Tossed salad with pepperoncini, fresh mozzerella and olives stuffed with feta
3) Sliced kiwi and pineapple
4) Angel hair pasta with homemade sauce
5) An oven-warmed roll
6) Chocolate pie heaped with whipped cream
7) Butter cookies shaped like turkeys, and coffee

This was all just for me, mind you, so there were plenty of leftovers, which she packed carefully in take-out containers, labeled using scraps of paper and Scotch tape, and piled into a shopping bag from The Limited. The bag was so heavy that I had to carry it from the bottom, which we rehearsed several times before she would let me leave the house.

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