Home in Buffalo

A weird panic has settled in. It started when we were outside the movie theater, after seeing Stranger than Fiction together. My mom had driven with me in one car and my sisters and dad had driven in the other. My mom asked if anyone wanted, instead of going straight home, to go to Home Depot and look at dryers. We said no. My dad walked over there as if to go with her, but in actuality he was walking in the direction of the car. I can’t explain what happened, but for an instant I thought he was going to go with her, and it would be my two parents going to Home Depot to look at dryers. How perfectly fabulously normal. When I realized that he wasn’t, I just took a crazy spin and started insisting that he go with her. This escalated into a bit of shouting, then all of us shuffling, disorganized, to our respective vehicles, not sure why people were suddenly angry.

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