And … scene.

The play is over. Lessons learned:

1) If your performance directly follows a modern dance piece, the dance can be a great source of post-show conversation as you speculate on the meaning of things such as nude-colored bathing suits, giant vagina flowers and energetic knee-slapping.
2) Giant vagina flowers can get in your way as you try to set up directly following a modern dance performance.
3) Make sure a huge pile of costumes is not directly in front of your entrance to the stage.
4) Guitars, if not handled properly, will make a loud sound when you are fumbling around backstage.
5) Your flashlight may mysteriously shut itself off just when you need to find a tiny guitar tuner.
6) Spotlights can be your friends. Or your enemies.
7) It’s good to have friends in the audience.
8) It’s even better to have really forgiving and patient friends in the audience.
9) Sometimes technical directors quit the night before the show.
10) The second night is wayyyy easier.

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