Our show is going up. I mean, The Show is going up. The one that Becca and I have slaved non-diligently over for almost two years. It’s here. The week. Of. The week of the show. It’s going up at the Around the Coyote festival. It’s been a complicated story, but shorten it to this: We found out in June that we were filling in for someone who cancelled… which meant, holy hell, we had to write it…. so we got a fabulous director named Ali, and we got our crap together, and we did it. And now. Up. It’s going up this week.

Details for the in-towners:

Reverse Psychology Doesn’t Work on Fate: Notes to the Girls We Were
Written and performed by Rebecca Anderson and Lindsay Muscato
Directed by Alison Weiss

September 8 and 9, 2006
9:00 p.m.
Vittum Theater
1012 N. Noble Street, Chicago (near Ashland/Milwaukee/Division)
$10 for tickets

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