I started my new job this week. And I’m not feeling completely exhausted. Somewhere in my head, something doesn’t compute. Wait. I’m not completely, utterly exhausted, both mentally and physically? I didn’t have to commute down Lakeshore and hope not to fall asleep at the wheel? I didn’t have to forgoe things like lunch and peeing, just for lack of time? I wasn’t yelled at by… anyone? What is going on? Am I seriously getting paid for this?

I also received a bouquet of beautiful roses at work today. They are the kind of roses that hit the special “girly freakout” switch in me and take me back to being in high school, receiving one of those carnations during the annual Valentine’s Day carnation-sending fundraiser, where you blush down to your ankles and feverishly rip open the card. “For meeeee? Reallllly?” Thank you to Jeff for that moment of girlish glee.

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