Who was that girl?

I am feeling farther and farther away from this girl: “I woke up yesterday unable to envision finishing the day. I could not picture myself in front of a classroom, ostensibly in charge, guiding the class forward. I could much more accurately picture…. sleeping.” — 4/5/06

I am glad that I don’t literally haul myself through every day, hour by hour, anymore. I am still, however, in denial that I will not be going back to teaching.

Last night was the last Diary Project show of our 8-week Playground run. We had a beautiful time, and the show was just fun. I enjoyed watching the whole damn thing, if I do say so myself. Jade and Caitlin were there, and gave me big hugs and said I looked radiant. I am sure I did, compared to how I looked on Tuesday nights at grad school. Patrick was there too, and it was good to have supportive faces in the audience. We are done with our first run, and we’ve only gotten better and better. I’m proud of us.

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