Starting the show

The D-Proj and I have been discussing how best to open our show… given the nature of things lately, this post by an improvisor might be the most honest intro for us:

“Show of hands, ladies and gents… Who’s really unhappy to be here tonight? Who felt like it took a massive effort to brush your hair and teeth, put on clean clothes, and finally make it out the door and into the car to come here? Who thinks they might still have visible eye gunk? [Loud cheers]

“Well, cats and dogs, have we got a show for you! Because what you will see tonight, besides being made up entirely on the spot (god help us) is also a product of four gents and lady who all feel the same as you! And what is worse, most of them used excessive bingeing on alcohol, food, or drugs to help them numb that pain so that they can ‘entertain’ you!

“That’s right folks: we won’t really commit to it, and you won’t really like it, but we’ll all have a gay old time because for 2 hours we will all channel our social anxiety disorder, depression, and rage into the magic of improvised theater.

And with that… can I get a suggestion of anything at all?”

I suppose this is not entirely true — we did commit to it. But we sometimes get tripped up by our desire to be hilarious, and by our respective disorders, and it unravels a bit around the edges.

Regardless, I am completely head-over-heels for my castmates. I know. Gag you with a spoon. But it’s true.

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