I think I’m done with the school year. No really, I think the last day just happened. I mean, I would be more sure about it, but really, I can’t seem to wrap my mind around this idea that I will not have to go back there for another day. I just keep expecting a phone call from the school secretary, expecting the admins to tack something on to the end, expecting students to maybe have followed me home… they’ll start pounding on the doors any minute now, and I’ll start shoving chairs and bookselves against the entrances like in Shaun of the Dead.

Today was just a mad dash trying to throw out everything that needed to be tossed, handing out report cards, saying last goodbyes to the kids who’d stopped in. It was over before I could blink; suddenly I was in the Buick with four empty milk crates and one full of my books and papers. I’d said goodbye to Dajia & Brannick, I’d heard an inspirational farewell from Haywood, I’d handed in my screwed-up attendance rosters and dropped my keys in the assistant principal’s mailbox. I was simply done. I am done.

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