Back at school

Today was not horrible. Seriously. No, really. I know you think I’m lying. But it’s true. I did not end up in tears. Several kids were charming. There was much yelling and general craziness, but no fights, no extreme rudeness, and no assaults. My favorite thing lately is talking to the seniors, because I don’t have them in class, so they have no negative emotions toward me at all. Jason and Daija, both the artsiest kids I’ve ever met, would be an awesome two-person comedy team with the way they banter back-and-forth, breezily insulting each other.

Daija: Anyhow…. (silence)

Jason: Anyhow what? You can’t just say “anyhow” without following it up with something. That’s like slapping someone and then apologizing. You just don’t do that.

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