This post contains Improv Nerd Psychobabble Talk

Rehearsal last night was lovely. That’s the best way to describe it. In a relaxing, carpeted space, with an on-top-of-it coach, and four people that I muchly enjoy. I was realizing how wound-up-tight I am these days. Our coach, Greg, pegged me as a “driver” in scenes, someone who tries to drive the action the way they want. This is so interesting to me, because I have _never_ been in that category before. I can only assume it’s a byproduct of this year, always struggling to maintain some level of control. Additionally, the tendency to non-invest: sometimes I end up with these flat, slacker characters for no apparent reason, a feeling which ends up in regular life too, where I don’t know what lies ahead so I don’t put much committment into it. Numb-like. Well. Again. I am yelled at all day.

I can’t wait for the side-effects of this year to wear off.

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