Drama at Subway

Dramatic interpersonal exchanges occur over fast food at the Subway sandwich place on Stony Island, where I sometimes grab lunch. There’s a thick piece of plexiglass separating patrons and sandwich makers (you sort of shout through a small hole), the sandwich makers are from India and not native English speakers, and some of the customers are pretty… vocal about their desires. This creates all kinds of fascinating tension and multicultural exchange. Don’t want mayo? Oops, they thought you said you wanted EXTRA mayo. It’s ok, they’ll scrape it off. Everything except onion? Oops! They thought you wanted NOTHING except onion. They’ll just pluck that off and start again. The man behind the counter is now extremely nice to me, maybe because I’m more laid-back than most. But still, dude. That was way too many hot peppers last time.

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