A co-worker story:

At the beginning of Dr. C.’s class, a student walked in and announced that “something stinks in here.” Dr. C. has terrible allergies this time of year and could not smell anything, so he ignored that comment. Then later, as he was eating his usual dry organic peanut butter sandwich, one of his students, Reggie, pointed out a dead mouse in the corner under the computer. Dr. C. shrugged and continued eating his sandwich, checking e-mail and looking up Gibson guitars. “I was not about to ruin my lunch,” he later said. The students were, of course, freaking out, saying it needed to be wrapped in plastic, etc. Dr. C. maintained it only need be picked up with a piece of paper, but the students prevailed. Reggie procured a latex glove from a science teacher and then picked it up by the tail and dropped it in the plastic bag. (He was familiar with this procedure from rat-disposal experience as a child.) Samantha then began to run through the halls with it. Dr. C., who is a musician, now wants to start a band called “Mice Corpse,” which would be, in keeping with his preferences, a vegetarian death metal band.

They sprayed Lysol afterwards, though Dr. C. still maintained he couldn’t smell anything.

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