In and out, up and down, through and forward and under and between. It’s been a really, really long week. And it’s Wednesday. I woke up yesterday unable to envision finishing the day. I could not picture myself in front of a classroom, ostensibly in charge, guiding the class forward. I could much more accurately picture…. sleeping. But I dragged myself to school, and Dr. C greeted me with a Dismemberment Plan CD, which did indeed make the trip in worth it. I turned in my six papers last night. This morning, I awoke to silly Post-Its from Eliina (like one on the blender, that said “Don’t forget breakfast” and one on the door, which said, “Are you wearing socks? Good. Have a nice drive.”, which gave me just enough energy to get out the door. And now, it’s almost Thursday. And then. Break.

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