Stretched — in a good way

I’m producing a show that combines improv and writing. This means we are improvising and then writing as those characters. Lemme tell you. I have written so much, so long, so hard, so voluminously from my own voice, that I’m finding it very tough to write from a character’s perspective. This is not a bad thing. My co-worker, Dr. C., is learning jazz progressions from old South Side musicians who practice in the auditorium of our school every Wednesday. He’s a self-trained rock musician, and now he’s learning a whole new strata of music that’s highly complex and roots-deep. He said it was like finding a whole new gear on your bicycle. I’m hoping this will be similar.

Today I’ve got Jeff’s voice in my head, calm and serious, goofy and upbeat, earnest lines punctuated by silliness.

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