Just…. keep…. going…

Spring break is only 5 teaching days away. I swear to you, I cannot even imagine making it to spring break. That seems like a far-off, distant golden horizon. I am coming to realizations lately… one is: I don’t like schools. In general. As a place to work. I like thinking about schools, I like children, I like books. I do not like working in a school. Simple-sounding, yet somehow that fact has not seemed so concrete in my mind until now.

Putting together the show is occupying the better parts of my mind, and how lucky is that? We are all so fortunate to be here, Chicago. (Shut up, the other voices say, can you be less cheesy for approximately 5 seconds while we all get our bearings?)

Last night I celebrated my friend Tony’s birthday at Friar Tuck’s, a bar where I once saw someone get hit over the head with a bottle. Luckily, nothing that dramatic happened this time. Actually, the most dramatic moments was self-created, performing a sing-along-in-your-car version of Absolutely (Story of a Girl) with Jeff. I remembered the summer that song was new, which I spent in Cincinnati, driving to work with the girls who hated me, pouring my daylight hours into a job that I could not stand. Singing it with Jeff was cathartic. We’re a good team.

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