this week has been

the longest, most action-packed week. for st. patty’s day, matt and i went to the neighborhood dive and filled up on guiness, cabbage, potatoes and carrots… sunday was improv and then an attempt to see a play with caleb but we walked in on an audition instead (sunday shows were at 3 and not 8pm), and they wouldn’t let us audition, tho a friendly bearded bear-man was sympathetic…. monday was a talk about viola spolin (grandmother of improv!) at the downtown library, tuesday was the vagina monologues starring becca, wednesday was learning to play chords on jeff’s guitar, thursday is today — i ran my very first rehearsal for the improv show i’m putting together. it combines improv and writing. i am, for the moment, floating on a small cloud of glee. tomorrow is a field trip to skokie. yes, skokie, where we will see a play about white british people. i am telling you. the kids will be able to relate so well. hey, i didn’t choose which theater would give us free tickets. i just wanted to get out of the building.

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