An hour that was cool

Had my first good hour at work today…. the other teacher who shares my room, Dr. C., brought in his electric bass guitar and jammed out with one of the seniors who plays piano. When they played, I improvised lyrics about Mountain Dew, break-ups and not being able to keep track of the pens you lend out. We sat on the stage in the auditorium, and I couldn’t help but reel back to how I personally survived the high school experience (the first time, as a teenager). Basically I just sealed myself into a bubble of creative, quirky types and forgot about everyone else.

I think it made me stronger, to learn early on that sometimes other people’s opinions must simply be ignored. It’s something I forgot along the way but am remembering now, in these hostile times, as everyone basically looks straight through me and could care less whether I am speaking or not. I wonder if it’s fun to completely ignore someone and yet, they’re still speaking. This happens to me all the time.

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