No Child Left with Enough Room to Write

Instructions for an Illinois standardized test for what to do if students can’t fit their essay into the allotted space in the answer booklet….

“If a student runs out of space for an extended response and used additional paper, please do the following:

1) Make a photocopy of what the student has written on the answer document.
2) Erase the area where the response was written.
3) Transfer the information from the photocopy back into the document including what was written on the additional paper to fit in the area for that response. (This may be done by an adult but must be copied verbatim).
4) The photocopied response and the additiona paper must be sent back with the used materials.
5) If a student wrote their response in ink and cannot erase, follow steps 1, 3 and 4 above in a new answer document, then transfer all other completed test answers.”

And people wonder why teachers are so low on time.

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