Starting with capital letters and working our way to lowercase

Much as happened. This includes: auditioning for improv shows (and not getting called back — but so it goes), buying thrift store wool skirts and wearing them over jeans, taking -1 degree days as a lovely opportunity for a stroll, seeing a child’s history of bombing, reconnecting with younger sister christina, ice cream with caleb and object-work cigarettes, trying to get eliina’s dog henry to come within 2 feet of caleb by plying henry with chicken jerky, unpacking, unpacking, unpacking, and then — ok, school. yes, school, where i have blacked out many days, where a girl was hauled out of my room in handcuffs and i completely forgot the entire incident until the drive home, because so much else happened that day, school where i found out my position will most likely be cut next fall, school where i am learning each day the things that i need, as my therapist says, to survive, school where on thursday we almost felt like a unit, where i laughed at three boys dramatically reading a short story in ham-it-up fashion, and i urged them all to come to drama club, and some of them did, and i was so gleeful until another teacher entered our very first meeting and told me i had to cancel it because a parent was waiting to see me, and they all mean well, everyone, except maybe the school board? but damn, i am threading at the seams and knitting everything back together so we all stay whole.

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